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Q:  How many children can you paint?

A:  In one hour we are able to paint 12-15 fast face designs, 8-10 half face designs, or 6-8 full face designs.  For larger events I have a selection of speed designs that are able to accommodate 15-20 guests an hour. 


Q:  What kind of face painting products do you use? 

A:  All the paints we use are professional grade products. They are labeled as non-toxic and hypoallergenic so they are safe to use on the skin. In addition, all glitters and glitter gels are cosmetic grade. 


Q: What do you bring to an event? 

A:  I will bring my face painting kit with all my paints, brushes, glitters, gems, water, water bin, towels, garbage bin and display board and/or display book. 


Q: Is there anything I need to provide?

A:  For your party or event, we ask you provide a table and two chairs. If you are not able to provide these, please let us know ahead of time. If you book a glow party, we do ask you provide your own black lights. 


Q:  How do I book my party or Event? 

A:  Please contact us letting us know your event date and time. To reserve your date, a $50, non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit will be applied to your balance. The remaining balance will be due upon arrival for your party or event.


Q: How do you recommend removing face paints?

A:  Before adding water, use a gentle soap, such as a baby shampoo, to gentle lather over your design. Do not scrub or press into skin, as this can press the paint into your pores. Then rise with water.